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170 cm³


90 km/h





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30.000 HUF / Person



30.000 HUF / Person



30.000 HUF / Person

Drive a Mini Hot Rod and discover Budapest

The feeling of classical hot rod cars with a modern twist. Hop in and enjoy this unique driving experience with the help of our tour guides! The most entertaining car experience in Budapest lets you zoom around our lovely city, to discover its beauties. Our tours start from the Pest side, crossing the river, visiting the Citadella and the Castle Gardens on the Buda side. Later on we also stop by the Parliament and Heroes’ Square, and finally return to our downtown station.


Feel like a real star

Our two-hour tour is a one of a kind experience. Not only you can visit scenic sites, but sitting in these awesome little cars you will be the center of attention around town. While you put the amazing dynamics of these tiny rascals to the test you will also collect lots of smiles their cuteness brings to all the faces. Drive these real life toy cars of Mini Hot Rod Budapest and you will feel like a real star, as you get amazed looks from everybody!


“A definite must do!
We saw the hot rods while walking around the city, so we decided to give it a go. It was amazing!!! First of all, the people running the place are super friendly and want to make sure that you have a great experience! The ride around the city is super fun on the hot rods, and you have thought we were driving Ferraris by all the looks and pictures that were taken of them at every turn. A definite must of you in Budapest!”

Claudio G – Tripadvisor

“Amazing way to see the city!
Participated in the daytime tour with a few friends from college and it was the highlight of our trip. These things get up to about 60 mph when you can let it rip on the straight portions and it is a BLAST. Our guide was great and I never felt unsafe during our 2 hr ride. He also told us facts about each site and gave us tips about what else we should see in the city. Everyone should do this while they’re in town!”

Brkraus – Tripadvisor

“Awesome stag weekend event
Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. What a professional set up and what an amazing way to see the sights of Budapest. We were all grinning from start to finish as was everyone else in the city who saw us racing around the landmarks in these little hot rods. Just like street legal go karts! Such good value for money. A must do on any trip to Budapest be it a Stag do or any other event you can’t go wrong.”

Mark S – Tripadvisor


  • It is even more fun to drive a Mini Hot Rod in a funny costume! Feel free to dress up when you come! (Drinking is not  encouraged though, only AFTER the drive...) #hotrodbudapest #minihotrod #funtodrive #dontdrinkanddrive
  • Hailstorm in May. Budapest surprises you sometimes but fear not, we are back on the roads as soon as it dries up!#hotrodbudapest #crazyweather #keepgoing
  • Maya and Anja from Zurich chose us for some last day fun in Budapest. Their smiles tell it all how much they liked the tour :) #budapest #minihotrod #hotrodbudapest
  • When you see this🚗 in Budapest, taking pictures is a must. A Bentley🇬🇧 Mk VI. restored to full💪 1948 glory! We tip our helmets to you, sir!
  • When racecars take the streets of Budapest, we go out to show off as well. #nagyfutam #formula1 #minihotrod #oneblood #budapest
  • I would not fit in THAT! - This is what we hear a lot from tall people. So much so that we asked this nice guy from Germany to try on one of our Mini Hot Rods for size. Guess what, they are greater than they seem! #hotrod #minihotrod #tallguys #lovelycar #visitbudapest
  • “Hey big brother! Let’s take a picture together!” #hotrodbudapest #lovelycar  #porsche #oneblood
  • Run🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ first, drive for fun🏎 after! This weekend we welcome 30.000 runners to Budapest - we wish you all at @vivicittbudapest happy racing! And no matter what distance you do, we will give you a prize🏅: with the coupon code RUNDRIVE you can book 30%❗️off!

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